Solid Rubber Casters Of Various Sizes

Solid Rubber Casters Of Various Sizes
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Solid rubber casterThe rubber casters have good elasticity, cushioning, damping and muffler performance, but the solvent and service life are generally poor.

Rubber casters, as a kind of frequent use, due to the special rubber material, its elastic, good resistance to sliding, and the surface friction coefficient is high, so at the time of delivery of the goods can be guided, mobile security, has been widely used in indoor and outdoor use.







It has good elasticity. 

A large deformation can be produced under the action of a small external force, and can be restored after removing the external force. It can be synthesized artificially and cheaply. The wide range of applications exists in every aspect of our lives. The molecular chains of rubber can be crosslinked, and when the rubber is deformed by external forces, it has the ability to recover quickly, and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability. Rubber is the basic raw material of rubber industry. It is widely used in making tires, rubber pipes, tapes, cables and other rubber products.


It is easy to age. 

Rubber and its products in the processing, storage and use process, due to the internal and external factors caused by a combination of physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties of rubber gradually deteriorate, finally lost use value, this change is called rubber aging.