All kinds of wheel application and dangerous operation

All kinds of wheel application and dangerous operation

Now, there are more and more materials to make the universal casters, the most common casters are nylon, polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and so on. Widely used in mining, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, medical equipment, engineering, decoration, textile, printing and dyeing, furniture, logistics equipment, storage, revolving cars, chassis, cabinets, equipment, electrical and mechanical, dustless workshop, production line, large supermarkets, and many other industries and various fields. Because the caster manufactures more, more materials, more kinds and more applications, it leads to the selection and operation of the products in the application, which leads to the unpractical and premature damage of the product.

The application characteristics of all kinds of universal casters

1.The furniture caster is mainly used to adapt to the furniture needs low center of gravity, high bearing and the production of a kind of special casters.

2.Supermarket casters are specially designed to fit the mobile needs of supermarket shelves and the flexible and flexible features of the shopping cart.

3.The medical foot wheel is designed to fit the requirements of the hospital, which is light, flexible, flexible, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical resistant.

Danger operation warning for wanxiang casters

1.Don't stop on the sloping ground

2.Do not stop the brake on the wheel in the state of forced transfer

3.Do not use the trailer or traction operation for long periods of time

4.Do not use casters in acid, alkali, salt, oil, water, etc

5.Do not walk on the uneven ground with high or low difference

6.Do not exceed the maximum load with instructions, and overload will cause accidents

7.Don't use it at extremes of temperature and temperature. (such as steam room and cold storage special environment)

8.Do not hit the brake with a hammer. Press the brakes ON the brake

Universal casters quality products need not only high quality raw materials and production technology, standardized operation skill is also very important, a good practice can help us to save time, reduce the damage for products; Currently on the market all the castor manufacturers production of caster and its basic meaning is the same, on the application and operation may have a little deviation, so we should get into read carefully before operation specification, this is the best way to avoid bad operation effectively