All the development of the caster depends on the universal caster process.

All the development of the caster depends on the universal caster process

Universal caster wheel is no longer a strange word, along with the rising of its value is also rising in the production and living, more important is that it can help us to solve the difficulties in the practical life, help us to a more leisurely life, this is the root cause of a rising tide lifts all boats. With the wider use of the world, all walks of life are almost inseparable. Wanxiang casters usually we also refer to as the whole wheel, which means the same thing. As more and more equipment need to move objects need to carry, became an integral part of the universal caster, so universal casters industry to flourish, and become more specialized detailed. Universal wheel is how to from a heap of industrial raw materials into various industries in the important part of this is from the design, production of raw materials, used to talk about, the most important still is the product in the industrial need and determines the value of it.

Of course, not every wanxiang wheel will be so lucky. Since its birth, it is destined to be the best in the group, and the public will always be ordinary. The manufacturing process of wanxiang caster is very similar, but the product has the advantages and disadvantages, and the key points are the ones that have been said before. The manufacture of universal casters or omni-directional casters is mainly divided into the manufacture of wheels and the manufacture of casters.

Processing flow of universal wheel support:

At the same time, it is made of casters. The shape of the stent is more complicated. According to the requirements of the installation and use of wanxiang casters, the selection of scaffold plate is another important node. Different plates have different bearing capacity and use environment. According to the demand, will choose good plank by automatic feeder into punch for blanking, drawing and so on several process processing molding, then through welding, shot blasting, electroplating processing, such as stents parts before forming, through become stents can only be used after assembly. When the wheels and the supporting parts are finished, they are assembled in the hands of the assembly master, and through the quality control, a high quality wheel can be born.

Conditions for making wheels:

The manufacture of wheels is first of all material selection. The wheels are different in different working conditions, and there are some differences in the materials needed, usually nylon, rubber, cast iron, plastic, etc. Generally, polyurethane wheels can be used on almost all surfaces. The materials used in the other universal casters mentioned above are selected according to the different environment of use, and their respective advantages and disadvantages are also reflected in these places. After that, the wheel is formed by pouring assembly line or injection molding machine, and some special demand wheels, such as v-type iron wheel, need to be processed by car.

The birth of a good universal casters, is bound to have a sophisticated production equipment, high-quality production of raw materials, advanced production technology and sophisticated production experience, professional production personnel in the operation, these are the birth of outstanding universal wheel base. When all of these things are available, you will be able to produce a high-quality universal wheel. The casters, whether they are universal casters or full-length casters and other material properties, require high quality raw materials, processes and equipment to produce high-quality casters.