Castor choice

Folding wheel selection

1. Choose the wheel material: first consider using the road, the size of the obstacle, the use of ground residual material (e.g., iron filings, grease), environment conditions, such as high temperature and normal temperature or low temperature) and the wheels can bearing the weight of the different conditions, such as to determine the choice suitable wheel material. For example: rubber wheel cannot resist acid, grease and chemical, super polyurethane wheel, high strength polyurethane wheel, nylon wheel, steel wheel and high temperature wheel can be applied to different special environment.

2. Calculation of load weight: in order to be able to calculate the load capacity required by various casters, it is necessary to know the quantity of the transport equipment's self-weight, maximum load and the single wheel and caster used. The load capacity required for a single wheel or caster is as follows:


T=Load weight for single wheel or caster;

E=Self-respect of transportation equipment;

Z=Maximum Table Load

M=The number of single and casters used;

N=Safety factor (about 1.3-1.5).

3. Decided to wheel diameter size: usually wheel diameter the more the more easy to drive, the greater the load capacity and at the same time, it is to protect the surface from being damaged, wheel diameter size first consideration should be given the choice of bearing and the weight of the load on the truck starting thrust to decide.

4. Choice of soft and hard wheel material: usually wheels have nylon wheel, super polyurethane wheel, high strength polyurethane wheel, high strength artificial rubber wheel, iron wheel, and pneumatic wheel. Super polyurethane wheel and high strength polyurethane wheel can meet your transport requirements in both indoor and outdoor ground. The high strength artificial rubber wheel can be used in hotel, medical equipment, floor, wooden floor, tile floor, etc. The nylon wheel and iron wheel are suitable for the ground floor or ground with iron filings and other materials; And the air wheel is suitable for light weight and uneven road surface.

5. Rotational flexibility: single wheel rotation, the more the greater the effort, roller bearings can carry heavier load, rotational resistance is larger: single wheel installed on the quality of bearing steel ball bearing, can carry heavier load, turn the lighter, flexible peace.

6. Temperature conditions: cold and high temperature occasion has much effect on the caster wheel, polyurethane wheel under 45 ℃ low temperature below zero, rotating flexible, high temperature resistant light wheel under the high temperature of 275 ℃.

Special note: because 3 points determine a plane, when the number of casters is 4, the load should be calculated according to 3 calculations.

Folding wheel stand selection

1. Usually choose suitable wheel rack first consider the weight of the caster wheel bearing such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other places, because the floor is good, the smooth handling of the goods is lighter, (each trundle bearing in 10-140 - kg), suitable for selection (2-4 mm) with a thin plate stamping plating wheel frame, the wheel frame is light, flexible operation, quiet and beautiful, the plating wheel frame in accordance with the ball bearing arrangement is divided into double row bead and single bead. Apply double row beads when moving or moving.

2. In places such as factories and warehouses, cargo handling is very frequent and heavy (280 to 420kg per foot wheel) is suitable for the wheel rack of double row ball with thick steel plate (5-6 mm) stamping and welding.

3. If used for carrying heavy things such as textile factory, automobile factory, machinery factory and other places, because the charge big factories within walking distance (caster wheel bearing only at 350-1200 kg) each, therefore, should choose (8-12 mm) with a thick plate after cutting wheel frame, welding activities wheel rack flat ball bearing and ball bearing on the floor, make the castor can withstand the heavy loading, flexible rotation, impact resistance, etc.

  • bearing selection

Terling bearings: turling is a special engineering plastic that is suitable for damp and corrosive places, with flexible rotation and large resistance.

Roller bearing: heat treated roller bearing can carry heavy load and rotational flexibility.

Ball bearings: ball bearings made of high quality bearing steel can carry heavier loads and are suitable for flexible and quiet occasions.

Plane bearing: suitable for high and high load and high speed .

Fold note

Avoid being overweight.

Do not set aside.

Regular maintenance, such as regular oil, timely check screws.