Castor led the economic development

The simplest inventions, but changed the way humans moving goods, said Castor, there is a change is an improvement, in which industrial casters are mainly used carts, mobile scaffolding, plant, trucks and so on.

Industrial casters-wheel variety, size, model, not the same tread, choose the right wheel taken from several of the following conditions: environment and load of the product, work environment containing chemicals, grease, oil, salt and other substances, various special climate, e, such as humidity, high temperature or cold shock, collisions and the demands of peace.

Industrial casters structure formed by the single wheel-mounted on a bracket, for installation in equipment following its freedom of movement, casters can be divided into two categories: fixed caster fixator coupled with single wheel can only move along a straight line, activity casters on a 360-degree turn bracket fitted with a single round, able to travel in any direction.