Commonly used foot wheel export HS code and refund rate.

There are two main categories.

1.The diameter of the caster is less than 75MM, and the tire width is less than 30MM. One of the above specifications is not exceeding the above specification:

With iron bracket: 83022000 tax refund 9%;

Without iron bracket, plastic return: 3926909090: tax refund 13%;

No iron bracket, solid rubber return: 40169990 tax refund 9%

2. Hand wheel:

The diameter is greater than or equal to 75MM, and the tire is wider than 30MM. Both of these are required to meet the above specifications, whether or not with iron supports and different materials: 87169,000 tax rebate 15%,

Hollow rubber tire, pneumatic tyre: 401290909090.

All the products above are not subject to inspection, only for reference, subject to the customs declaration.