Different types of casters are applicable

With the continuous progress of the society, more and more equipment needs to be moved, and all walks of life are almost inseparable from the casters. With the continuous development of science and technology, the foot wheel has become an indispensable part. However, different types of casters are suitable for different occasions, so it is necessary to select the foot wheel according to the actual situation.

Performance and features of light casters:

1 . The light foot wheel is equipped with a 2-4mm sheet metal stamping forming and carrying capacity of 100-130 kg short-distance transport.

2 . It can be used in hospitals, catering and other industries.

3 . Light wheel has the characteristics of rotation, low noise, no wheel mark and so on.

4 . The light wheel selects several kinds of the way to hold the screw, the flat plate, the turn, the direction of a variety of the way.

5 . The stent is treated with spray, galvanizing and chrome plating.

Performance and features of industrial caster:

1 . The wheel rack of the industrial caster is made of 5-6 mm thick steel plate, which can be used for short distances of 200-400kg carrying capacity goods.

2 . The caster of various materials can be selected according to the different use environment.

3 . Industrial foot wheel can be used in factories, workshops, business, catering and other industries.

4 . Different casters can also be used according to the environmental bearing capacity.

5 . The caster has ball bearings and roller bearings.