How to avoid damage to the high temperature wheel by itself?

How to avoid damage to the high temperature wheel by itself?

Production in life more or less everyone will see wheeled belt, such as wheeled car following, wheeled cart below, if in a factory to work friends will see wheeled under mechanical equipment with things, these things are used in the industry term is called the castor, and today we are going to speak is an, high temperature resistant castor wheels; If often use high temperature resistant round friend will find some high temperature resistant wheel very durable, some with looking at how good is durable, you might think is high temperature resistant wheel itself quality problem, but it is not like that in some cases, more is in use process we itself a few small details.

Precautions for use of high temperature wheel on equipment and equipment:

1.Some equipment, if necessary, must be mounted on the four corners and in the middle casters to bear the load on average.

2.To stabilize the equipment, if the ground is uneven, it is necessary to balance the high temperature wheel at the bottom to prevent the equipment from tilting, which can lead to non-uniform and easy damage of the high temperature wheel.

3.Mobile high-temperature roller equipment instrument should be cleared when the ground objects, to move slowly, prevent excess load and fast moving is likely to high temperature and damage on the ground, it is forbidden to use strong inertial instrument mobile devices.

Correct installation of high temperature wheel:

1.If the fixed high temperature wheel is installed, it should be installed horizontally.

2.If the high temperature wheel is active, please keep the rotation axis installed vertically.

3.If there are active and fixed wheels on the installation, you should pay attention to the use of the same series of products.

4.When installing with double brake and high temperature wheel, please avoid the brake in the state of ON, because that will cause damage to the brake and deterioration of performance.

5.After confirming the connection position, select the appropriate screw, nut, gasket and so on, insert the mounting hole, and tighten the caster until there is no gap, so as not to loosen. Especially when the screws are screwed into the installation, please tighten the hexagonal parts properly. Avoid excessive twisting and cause rotation shaft expansion, causing fracture.

The use of the high temperature wheel and the correct installation method is to help us to properly use the wheel when we get the qualified wheels. Used in the wheel to make the next won't because these external factors and affect the normal use of the wheel, non-standard operation, for the failure to avoid the so we don't blind to use when to get the product, the first thing to understand their specific use and operation method, it is an effective way to avoid adverse factors.

No doubt itself operation is the first factor of castor damage, when we are in the process of long-term use of high temperature resistant round so seriously rise, such ability can let us in the next time, by mastering the correct operation, avoid itself on the degree of damage to the product; Of course, the quality of the product is also very important. It directly determines the whole quality, so the high temperature wheel is not only a product, but also a window for us to understand an industry.