How to choose the right caster

1, and usually select for of round frame first consider casters hosted of weight as supermarket, and school, and hospital, and Office, and hotel, place, due to floor good, smooth and handling of goods more light, (each only casters hosted in 10-140kg), for select to thin plate (2-4mm) stamping forming of plating round frame, its round frame light, operation flexible, mute and beautiful, this plating round frame according to ball arranged is divided into double row beads and single row beads.

2, in places such as factories and warehouses, cargo handling are very frequent and heavy load (each caster is hosted in 280-420kg) is suitable for use with thick steel plates (5-6 mm) punch hot forging and welding double-row ball bearing wheels.

3, and if for handling weights as textile factory, and car factory, and mechanical factory, place, due to load major and factory within walking distance long (each only casters hosted in 350-1200kg), so should select to thick plate (8-12mm) cutting Hou welding of round frame, activities round frame using plane ball bearings and ball bearings in floor Shang, makes casters can bear heavy load, turned flexible, and anti-impact, function.