How to solve the polyurethane casters degumming, cracking and so on?

How to solve the polyurethane casters degumming, cracking and so on?

There are many kinds of raw materials used in the production of casters, different kinds of use and functions are different. And polyurethane is one of them, and we usually call it a polyurethane caster or a PU wheel. Material has good and bad, of course, also have good and bad points of production technology, different circumstances will produce different effects, how to solve this problem in addition to outside the material itself effort, production technology is also a key point.

Introduction of polyurethane materials:

Polyurethane (PU) is a polymer made from polyisocyanate and polyether polyols or polyester polyols or/or small molecule polyols, polyamine or aqueous extenders or crosslinking agents. By changing the type and composition of raw materials, the product morphology and its properties can be changed dramatically, and the final products from soft to hard are obtained.

The knowledge of polyurethane casters can help to find the problems in production and processing, and make corresponding solutions.

Production process of polyurethane caster:

1.If it is found that there is precipitation, it should be mixed and then used again, so as not to affect the quality.

2.Membrane warping: the edge of the waterproof layer and the joint of the dividing brush, appear at the same base to remove the warping phenomenon. The main reason is that the grass roots are impure or not dry, the receiving operation is not careful, the sealing is not good, the bottom coating adhesion is not strong, etc. Therefore, the grass root should be clean, dry and meticulous operation.

3.Drum: the base has the skin, the sand, the crack, not dry, causes the film to bond bad; The grass-roots construction should be carefully operated and maintained. After the grass roots are dried, the primer coating should be applied first, and then the waterproof layer shall be applied layer by layer.

4.Air hole and bubble: material mixing method and stirring time did not mix well. In construction, the power and speed of the agitator should be used. Another reason is basic level processing unclean, do clean up carefully before coating at the grass-roots level, can not have float sand and dust, more should not have hole in the grass-roots, coating layers appear porosity should be dealt with according to the technological requirements, prevent leakage of coating damage;

5.When the coating viscosity is too large, it is inconvenient to carry out the scratch construction, and a small amount of special diluent can be added for dilution to reduce the viscosity, and the amount of addition shall not be greater than 10% of the material.

Reasonable production technology can help us to produce high quality pu castor, and pu material as its main raw material for producing polyurethane casters, appropriate or in-depth understanding is an indispensable part of, so to solve a problem for the castor also need our understanding of it has enough.