How to use it based on the characteristics of polyurethane casters

How to use it based on the characteristics of polyurethane casters

In today's booming industry upgrading of pu castor is rapidly, in addition to the previous industrial applications, is now in the commercial, catering and so on all walks of life use various environment, and use performance also improve greatly. And what we're going to talk about today is that polyurethane casters are the most basic and familiar problem, and these are the most common problems in practical applications.

How about polyurethane casters:

1.High quality polyurethane for wheel top treatment.

2.The stent is coated with zinc coating to resist corrosion.

3.Polyurethane casters cover two kinds of cover and cover.

4.It can be used in factories, workshops, businesses, restaurants and other industries.

5.Polyurethane casters have terling bearings, precision ball bearings, single bearings and double bearings.

6.The industrial polyurethane casters with protective cover are suitable for the environment with silk articles and have anti-winding function.

7.Polyurethane has the characteristics of durability, wear resistance, good elasticity, no sound, no wheel mark, etc.

How to ensure the safety of polyurethane casters:

1.Pay close attention to the use of the product;

2.Should be used in accordance with product specifications to reduce the risk of possible existence;

3.The development process and quality certificate of safety related matters shall be recorded in the block;

4.In the process of design, production and inspection, it should be carried out according to the current technology level;

How to select polyurethane casters bearing:

There are many types, models and brands of bearings, and there is a close connection between them. So when we choose the polyurethane caster, do we choose the single axis, the double axis or the ball? In fact, there is no standard answer, because the demand will be different, so the result will be changed. For example, polyurethane caster ball bearings are suitable for precision machined products with high bearing, low noise and rotational flexibility. The polyurethane caster roller bearing can carry higher load than the ball bearing of the same kind.