Industrial foot wheel manufacturers make plastic casters commonly used for the release agent, colorant

Industrial foot wheel manufacturers make plastic casters commonly used for the release agent, colorant

In the industrial development, the industrial casters are marching into this industry with the market demand, and today we are bringing some technical knowledge about the production of casters. In some industrial casters factory mainly produce plastic castor, some auxiliary chemicals, often can be used mainly to help industrial truckle to function, diversification of production, we call this the auxiliary operation. And industrial caster manufacturers commonly used in the operation of colorant, release agent. These auxiliaries are mainly used for plastic casters, and hardware casters do not use these auxiliaries.

1.The caster colorant.

Polyurethane materials, for example, if the use of raw materials to produce this kind of caster industrial casters, can adjust industrial castor castor colouring agent made of colorful, in order to meet customers at different sites, environment of industrial casters requirement in color. And the caster colorant is divided into organic dyes and inorganic pigments.

2.Caster release agent.

Produce plastic castor fertilizer use most is release agent, this is because the plastic castor is formed by injection molding machine injection liquid into the mould of plastic raw materials, and the cooling after industrial casters separated from mould release agent to the caster are used.

3.Classification of casters.

  • Water is a new product of solvents

  • The stripper is the internal mold release agent.

  • The casters used in normal pressure are liquid paraffin, vacuum pump oil, petroleum jelly, etc.

  • Silicone rubber, silicone ester, using toluene, dichloromethane, trichloromethane, gasoline and other solvent dissolved into solution, coating or spraying in the mold; Silicone oil can also be used as a release agent, but it is not ideal in hot pressing.

    The colorant and mold release agent are the auxiliaries used in the production of plastic casters by industrial caster manufacturers. Besides these two auxiliaries, there are other auxiliary auxiliaries for different purposes and needs.