Polyamide Nylon (Nylon), commonly known as the English name of Polyamide (PA), density of 1.15 g/cm, is on the main chain molecules containing repeated amide groups - [NHCO] - thermoplastic resin, including aliphatic PA, fat - aromatic PA PA and aromatic compounds. Among them, there are many fatty PA varieties, large yield and wide application, and its name is determined by the specific carbon atom number of the synthesized monomer. It was invented by a famous American chemist named carrothers and his team.

Nylon is an expression of polyamide fiber (nylon), which can be used to grow or short fiber. Nylon is the commodity name of polyamide fiber, also known as Nylon. The English name Polyamide(PA), its basic constituent substance is the fatty group Polyamide which is connected by the amide bond -[NHCO].