Precautions in the use of industrial caster

Precautions in the use of industrial caster

The ceaseless progress of the social times is like a vast ocean, seemingly endless to be allowed to roll, but never to touch the edge, which is swallowed up by it. In the ocean of industrial casters, many industrial casters have been innovated or used every day, whether high-tech products or innovative products, which are realized through basic principles. How to do scientific and reasonable use of industrial casters, this is what we need to explore and understand.

in use

When the industrial caster is in use, it can be moved by manpower and can be used outside, and the rest should not be used. When used in traction, it is very easy to cause the foot wheel and equipment to be damaged due to impact, so traction and other use methods are not acceptable. And the industrial caster should be loaded according to the requirements of the equipment during the actual use, and do not overload. Do not allow the industrial caster to use on uneven road surface, do not fall or do not be affected, the concave and convex areas cannot be used.

When the brake

When an industrial caster is not fitted with a braking device, it is forced to push after the brakes are locked. Do not lock the brake device tightly when setting the screw casters. Do not use the hammer on the industrial caster during the use of the brake. When the brakes are locked, they cannot be parked on a slope. If parked on a slope, they can cause foot wheel, brake device, and possibly equipment damage to shorten the life of the caster.

Special case

Industrial casters should not be used in special exciting places. Especially in the case of acidity, alkalinity, salt and so on, when the weather is wet and rainy, try to keep the industrial caster indoors. Industrial casters should not be used at special temperatures. If the industrial caster is installed in the refrigerator, high temperature, heating room, etc. Industrial casters with special materials must be used.

Industrial casters industrial system now in use is more and more widely, but in developing the industrial casters cycle is not very long, but to use more and more widely in society, indirectly promote the development of our social economy. Why industrial casters can be developed rapidly, or the industry is bound in the transportation industry, which has become the reason for the rapid development of the casters industry. At the same time, you can combine several factors in the use of industrial casters to avoid the negative impact of unscientific operation, and believe that the industrial caster industry will get more development opportunities.