Technical terms and references for caster materials

We all know that castor is a finished product, which means it is up by something processing with now we see the shape of the raw materials of castor is some what things?Below we will mainly talk about some professional terms and reference knowledge of the caster materials, so that you can have a more comprehensive knowledge of the caster materials.

We usually see a lot of raw materials of castor, such as PU, PP, TPR and rubber raw materials and different we can also according to customer requirements in mixed with different materials, such as to eliminate the electrostatic effect, we can add anti-static materials, so that we can achieve our final a result.

Term of caster material:

1. Tensile strength:

The force required to break a wheel from a cross section.In pounds divided by the area of the cross section of the sample (square inch)

2. Adhesive force:

The force required to remove the tire from the attached core at 6 "/ min is calculated in pounds divided by the straight-line width of the tire.

3. Hardness:

Used to measure the hardness of rubber and other tyre and core materials, expressed as shaw's "A" or "D".

4. Compression strength:

During the compression test, the maximum compressive stress of the sample is measured in megabytes.

5. Working temperature:

The working temperature range is measured under rated load.

6. Water absorption rate:

The increase in the weight of the test sample is expressed as the percentage of the weight of the sample after a particular sequence of tests and the initial weight.

7. Elongation rate:

Under the action of tensile force, the ratio of the increase in distance between the specimen lines and the initial distance between the specimen lines at the time of fracture is expressed as percentage.

8. Impact strength:

The data accept the performance of a heavy impact from a free fall weight.In terms of inches per pound, feet per pound or stamping work at test temperature.

9. Deformation resistance under pressure:

For a long period of time under heavy wheels place larger flatten, absorb a certain amount of static load test sample, and then at the end of the compression time stated on the discharge load, the height of the wheel with location become table after compared with the original high percentage.