The caster tells you to sum up the six experiences of the wheel.

The caster tells you to sum up the six experiences of the wheel.

Generally speaking, when the caster or the caster buys the wheel, they will be recommended according to the requirements you describe. As we should not blindly choose, because we are most familiar with the use of wanxiang casters and various aspects, so we have reasons to choose better and more suitable. In order to do this, we have to have enough knowledge of wanxiang casters, so we can learn about wanxiang casters from six aspects.

Universal caster specifications:

Specifications universal casters are very various, universal casters, different materials have different size specifications of the universal casters, different wheel diameter, and the installation height of different under different load, even with or without brakes brake. Because universal casters is generally installed on the object, instead of the people and all kinds of handling labor under a variety of overweight, shock, vibration, adjust the rotation and other adverse conditions, so when choosing universal casters specifications, customers need to fully consider various under conditions.

Total number of casters:

According to the experience, most cases are used with four support points to bear the load, which is safe and beautiful and symmetrical. But also have three points or more than four points, this is also a customer based on different ground environment, product structure design, and to think in terms of allowable load and setting. The general recommendation is that an even number is used, depending on the circumstances.

Gimbal brake device:

Due to considering the different usage, universal casters can provide the brake and not with the two kinds of brake specifications, because universal caster wheel brake structure is simple, use over a long period of time can cause wear, deformation, cause is due to the impact of a few small brake lifting, the brake failure. Remind customers here, please try not to use the braking function on the inclined ground for safe use. At the same time, generally speaking, the hard material has a poor braking performance. Please select a dedicated universal caster bracket.

The use environment of casters:

When designing the universal caster, considering that it is used in room temperature, the actual situation may be different. For special environmental conditions such as freezing, high temperature and other special temperature environment, such as acid, alkali, salt and chemical agents, please choose suitable wheels and hardware and lubricant. In addition, the material of the wheel may cause pollution to the ground, and be sure to pay attention to this when there is no workshop and other requirements for the environment. Therefore, the material selection of wanxiang casters in different environments is different.

Universal caster maintenance:

In order to ensure the safe use of the universal caster, it is necessary to check the bearing and mounting bolts regularly to confirm whether it is loose or not. In addition, in order to improve its resistance and performance, please refuel the rotating parts and bearing parts. When the wheel and hardware are cracked or loose, please replace the new parts. Due to often contact with the ground friction wheel, so the wheel wear will be very serious, want to on a regular basis to check whether I will be able to use the wheel, cannot use please better so as not to affect the normal use.

The selection of universal casters as parts is very critical, which directly affects the overall performance, whether it is convenient or practical. According to the recognizing of the six aspects of universal casters believe also had a deeper understanding, so whether you are a consumer or castor dealer, or universal casters manufacturers, in the introduction or choose universal casters, can from the six aspects choose or recommend more suitable products.