The foot wheel anti-rust method

The foot wheel anti-rust method is not the wheel does not prevent rust, it is the foot wheel contains too much water.In addition, you must not clean the casters with the chemicals of strong acid and alkali. The cast-iron is more likely to rust than regular carbon steel

If, after the castor get wet by water, need to clean with gasoline or kerosene, dry after cleaning, and then apply a layer of low viscosity on castor oil or special anti-rust oil. The anti-rust oil on the surface of the castor can form a layer of oil film, cut off the air and castor oil membrane contact, moistureproof effect. Apply evenly after the rust-proof of castor should use a thick plastic package, package must be close to castor, sealed can't breathe freely to package. Outside the plastic packaging should also be a thicker layer of kraft paper with moistureproof and prevent the plastic damage after the collision. If there is no paper can be replaced with other paper materials. Castor after contact with acid or alkaline substances, should the above maintenance steps are executed in a timely manner.

In castor need long-distance transportation, according to the above requirements packaging first, and then into the carton packaging and transport. It is necessary to ensure the castor sturdy and sealing packaging. Best in boxes with a layer of a sealing function of packaging materials, such as snakeskin bag. That can prevent the cartons damaged in the process of handling and get wet in the rain after castor be affected with damp be affected with damp.