The manual that affects the use of the caster

The manual that affects the use of the caster

Have you ever seen the pyramids of Egypt, whether they were impressed by its majesty, or whether they were amazed by the wisdom of the ancients! In both ancient and modern times, its technology has been conquered by the world. And this great world handicraft is the principle that USES the wheel to move the object effectively, can say, the gold tower USES the characteristics of the casters incisively and vividly.

In modern times, with the development of the industrial revolution, castor also used more and more widely, not just the buildings that the pyramid, as more and more devices because of the need to move, so I also use castor. It can be said that the application of the caster is more and more extensive, from the continuous casting machine almost inseparable. In modern times, with the development of science and technology, equipment has become more and more functional, with high utilization rate, which has become an indispensable part. The development of casters became more specialized and became a special industry.

There are certain skills to install casters on the device. Different casters and different equipment will have different installation methods, which can be operated according to their own experience. And of course there are fundamental theories that we have to master, which is universal for new hands.

Foot wheel installation manual:

1.The caster is correctly and reliably installed in the design position.

2.The rotating shaft must always be vertical.

3.If you only use the rotary casters, they must be consistent.

4.The caster's function cannot be changed or affected by the installation.

5.Fixed casters must be on a straight line with their axle.

6.The casters must be strong enough to be reliable.

7.Fixed casters are used in conjunction with movable casters, so all casters must be compatible with each other and must be recommended by the manufacturer.

Castor let its moving object to improve work efficiency, including fixed castor castor and activity the collocation of use is to let the object handling get qualitative leap, not only can be convenient to carry, it can move along any direction, thus greatly improving the efficiency. And these are extensions of ancient wisdom that allow the casters to show more excellent performance in the present and future.