The specific operation method of light caster.

The specific operation method of light caster.

The appearance of light casters gives us a lift, especially when moving objects bring about epoch-making transformation, which can not only be easily transported, but also can be moved in any direction, greatly improving the power. In modern times, with the rise of industrial transformation, the ever-increasing equipment needs to be moved, and the casters are widely used in the world, and all walks of life are almost inseparable from light casters.

What is a light caster:

We often refer to light casters, which are low-load casters, and we usually call them light casters with a single wheel under 80KG. Usually, the bracket of the light foot wheel is made of a steel plate with a thickness of 2mm - 3mm thick, which is suitable for carrying objects that are not too high. According to the function, it can be divided into: bottom plate type, fixed type, screw type light activity type, activity level brake, etc., the material of casters can be divided into: rubber wheel, nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel, etc.

Advantages of light casters:

It has the characteristics of wear-resisting, small noise, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, flexible rotation, accurate track, strong bearing capacity, fashionable style, strong practicability and so on. It can be used in hospitals, catering and other industries. Rotational flexibility, low noise, no wheel mark. Most of the casters are sprayed, galvanized, chrome plated, beautiful and corrosion resistant.

Light foot wheel assembly method:

Screw type, plate, steering, directional multiple assembly method. Light-duty castor, therefore, important to have a screw type of dispersive, flat binding type, plate type series such as dispersive, can choose different material single wheel, such as rubber wheel, nylon wheel, pu wheel, etc, the product has good abrasion resistance, low tone, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, rotational dexterity, rail accurately, bearing can be powerful, modern style, comfortable fit with strong sex etc. Characteristics.

Although in our understanding of the light-duty castor is a kind of carrying the wheels of the lighter, but we also cannot ignore its using performance and quality, only the excellent product quality to play better performance; Therefore, when we need to use light casters, we must not take it lightly, not because it is too low to be ignored. At the same time, we need to know more about light foot wheel knowledge to better understand and use it.