Use the industrial caster leg parameter to improve the production capacity

Use the industrial caster leg parameter to improve the production capacity

Floor in the leg is connection of industrial casters and wheels are very important parts, can through the leg connects the two to a piece of to form a complete industrial casters, otherwise can only call it the wheel; And the leg as important fittings of industrial casters, so the problems such as the size of the leg is also more attention, because good support legs is good for our production process to reduce production time, to reduce the risk of bad product produce, improve production efficiency, so as a commonly used spare parts support legs should also be careful in production.

The use of industrial casters is a great deal of learning, and of course we can use different casters if we don't care much about it. , but it will still appear some bad influence, if we know enough about it to better use it, the different industrial casters, support legs carrying the weight of the different applications in different environment. Rational use of bracket leg is the best way to prolong the service life of industrial caster and reduce its cost.

1.Pay attention to the bending direction of the legs of the product.

2.R the leg vertical blanking to 90 °, cannot tilt;

3.The bolt hole is in the center of the leg, the left and right deviation is not more than 0.5mm;

4.Pay attention to the quality of plate (rust, scratches, dents, etc.);

5.Note the size of the bolt hole and the size is too small to insert bolts;

6.The dimensions of the legs are in normal size, not too high or too low;

7.The plate thickness corresponds to the corresponding series of products, such as the MH2000 series 5.5mm;

8.Pay attention to the position of the brake hole.

9.The width of the shear plate is normal, and the normal ratio decreases by 0.5mm.

10.The definition of trademark should be paid attention to.

11.Pay attention to bolt hole, shear plate and die cutting burr size, do not affect appearance and performance;

It is very important to know how to clearly understand the use of bracket legs. It can improve the use performance of the legs and prolong the use cycle of industrial casters. Industrial castor industry sales increasing competition on the market at present, we are against the market pressure, many businesses would have to cut corners, but this does not solve the fundamental problem, how to make the industrial casters more walk more good, do a good job in itself product quality is the foundation, the basic problem.