What are the effects of the site environment on the wheelbarrow?

What are the effects of the site environment on the wheelbarrow?

In life, the trolley seems to have been integrated into our life, and formed an inseparable relationship with us; Whether you're in your personal life, in your factory, in your company, or on your way to work, you'll find a variety of trolleys. As a very important part of the trolley, the caster, you may not have heard of the term, but it is often seen in the handcart, but it does not affect your use of it. Because it is a simple, easy-to-use, labor-saving tool.

The wheelbarrow is usually made up of thousands of casters, mainly because the wheelbarrow is frequently used to adjust the driving direction, while the wheelbarrow can rotate 360 degrees without death. But that doesn't mean it's perfect, the trolley wheel has its drawbacks; For example, you can't use the same wheel in different environment conditions, because it can quickly damage the trolley wheels.

Effect of site environment on trolley casters:

1.The wheelbarrow casters should select the most suitable model according to the requirements of the environment.

2.On rough ground, should choose wear resistant, elastic good rubber, polyurethane or super artificial glue wheel.

3.When there is a large amount of corrosive medium in the working environment, the wheels with good corrosion resistance should be selected accordingly.

4.Working in a special high temperature or low temperature, or working in a large temperature range, should be chosen for a metal wheel or a special high-temperature wheel.

5.In order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity generation, it is better to use a special anti-static wheel, also can choose metal wheel (if the ground does not require protection).

The condition of the site will have a certain effect on the wheelbarrow, especially the wheelbarrow wheel which is very important. Do not blindly choose, and do not use blindly. In the context of the actual site environment, the wheelbarrow of the wheelbarrow is selected according to the conditions of the site and various materials.