What are the USES for industrial caster accessories?

As the saying goes, "the sparrows are all small and dirty", the industrial casters are extremely "mini" transportation parts, but they are also made up of parts. Jiangqing foot wheel reminds everybody, want the foot wheel to be able to play extremely high quality performance, must not ignore the industrial caster the importance of the attachment, so what is the use of the industrial wheel attachment? Listen to the introduction below.

To prevent twisting

Industrial foot wheel accessories can avoid the fiber or other materials winding casters, with industrial caster accessories, the wheel can be flexible and free to rotate without fear of winding.

Used to brake

You can install the industrial foot wheel attachment to the wheel sleeve and use your hands or feet to control the brake. It can also be made into a double brake, which can be locked and fixed on wheels.


The industrial caster can avoid turning to bearing or single wheel bearing dust to keep it lubricity and easy to rotate. The consumer needs to lubricate the wheel regularly, the best basic maintenance work.