What kind of conductive caster is more suitable for you?

What kind of conductive caster is more suitable for you?

Electrostatic the word believe everyone is no stranger to it, especially in cold and dry winter night is most obvious, when you wear a sweater or a sweater off clothing friction between subtle spark is produced which is caused by static electricity. In addition to the fact that you will see this phenomenon in your life, you will also encounter this problem in industrial production. In the use of castor and promotion process, to solve the problem of some special industries of electronics factory as the main representative of electrostatic effect, thus promoting the conductive castor, anti-static casters, and the value of it is in order to eliminate the static electricity and protection products.

  • static generation

Because the surface of any object is electrically conductive, it generates an electrostatic field. The smaller the coefficient of resistance, the greater the current flowing through the surface of the object, the better the conductivity. Conversely, the greater the resistance, the smaller the current flowing through the surface of the object, and the worse the conductivity.

1.It runs smoothly and reduces the noise.

2.The caster does not contain lead, and lead is a harmful substance to the human body.

3.It adsorbs the surrounding static electricity, effectively maintains the worker's physical health.

4.It effectively solves not to leave marks on the ground, keeping the ground clean and tidy.

Some precision electronics factory in order not to affect the conductivity of electronic products, then use conductive wheel installation, some factories in order to maintain the good performance of the machine, will be installed anti-static castor, used to surrounding the release of electrostatic adsorption, so that we can very good protect electronic components, especially some precision components are destroyed by electrostatic its performance, to protect its precision.


The main purpose of conductive casters in practical application is to eliminate static electricity in the operating area, so as to ensure better quality of products. Therefore, during the use of conductive casters, its load weight should not be too high, which should be carried out according to the bearing parameters provided by the manufacturer to ensure its conductive performance. If you are careful, you will find that all the conductive casters or anti-static casters on the market are different from each other in the same series of casters. This is a normal phenomenon.

On market conductive castor and antistatic conductive coefficient of castor's cubical in 10 ohm - 10 of 9 power ohms, this value is not the higher the better, but the lower the better, so in choosing a castor conductivity this is especially important.