What kind of durable tyre and inflatable tire of wheelchair?

With the development of science and technology, there are different kinds of tires. In the case of tyres, many friends don't know whether to choose, inflatable or solid. So Let's talk about inflatable wheelchairs wheel and solid wheelchairs wheel. 

We know that the wheelchair has three types of inflatable inner tube and no inner tube. The solid type is fast and easy to push, but vibrates on the uneven road, and it is not easy to pull out when it is stuck in the groove with the same width. It is more difficult to push and puncture, but the vibration is smaller than the solid. Inflatable without inner tube is not punctured by the inner tube, and it is also inflated and comfortable to sit up, but harder to push than the solid.

The solid fetus has the following characteristics, you can refer to the following.

1.Don't be afraid to puncture, do not need to blow, you are relieved from the cart.

2.Buffering performance makes you safer and smoother.

3.Affected by the weather, it is never too hot to explode in summer.

And from the cushioning effect comfort, it is the inflated tyre. From the cost performance, it is also the inflated tyre. From the use of the economy of the engine, or pneumatic tyres. In terms of durability, solid tyres are good.

In general, there are advantages and disadvantages to the pneumatic tyre. The effect of pneumatic tyre shock absorption is relatively light, and the solid tire is convenient to use without worrying about the puncture of puncture. Suitable for the old man who is not easy to blow.

Therefore, it is the fact that the inflatable tyres are all good, and it depends on individual preferences and requirements.

Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It is not only a walking tool for the disabled, but also a wheelchair for physical activity and social participation. The wheelchairs are generally made up of wheelchairs, wheels, brakes and seats. So it is best to choose a suitable one.

The general wheelchair is suitable for the following diseases: spinal cord injury, lower limb disability, craniocerebral disease, old age, weak body, and multiple diseases, and the correct use is very good. When choosing a wheelchair, consider the cognitive function of the patient and at least one of the upper limbs function normally, can be familiar with the operation wheelchair