Why is PU wheel industrial caster favored by many users?

Why is PU wheel industrial caster favored by many users?

Why can PU wheel be popular among large user groups in many industrial casters? In addition to its unique performance, its price and practicality are the root cause of this factor. Industrial casters PU wheel can be divided into several classes, one kind is medium PU wheel, another kind is heavy PU wheel, super-heavy PU wheels, and those are the three different named because its target field is different, it focuses on a single PU wheel bearing difference between different. In general, this is also from three different forms, allowing the PU wheel to penetrate into the industry from different fields; This orientation also makes the PU wheel in the future long development of the farther, more and more smoothly.

PU wheel application:

1.General service industry: such as shopping mall, supermarket shopping trolley, office equipment

2.Indoor use: such as chair, furniture

3.Industry: medium and heavy duty transport equipment

PU wheel can be made into liquid rubber, casting moulding or spraying, sealing and centrifugal forming. PU wheel can also be made into granule material, like ordinary plastics, with injection, extrusion, compression, blow molding and other processes. Mould pressing or injection molding parts, in the definite hardness scale, can also carry on cutting, grinding, drilling and other mechanical processing. The versatility of processing makes the applicability of PU elastomer very common, and its application scope has been expanded.

PU wheel bracket processing:

1.Durable rust resistance: normal use will not rust for three years.

2.Good reliability: the zinc coating and steel are metallurgical bonding, which is a part of the steel surface, so the durability of the coating is more reliable.

3.The coating has a strong toughness: the galvanizing layer forms a special metallurgical structure that can withstand mechanical damage during movement and use.

4.Comprehensive protection: every part of the plating can be plated with zinc, which can be fully protected even in the depression, sharp corners and hiding places.

5.Do not affect the welding: the metal surface is galvanized and can be soldered.

Installation of PU wheel equipment:

1.First mobile device, lift wheel clockwise, fixed base will move up, each rise and fall of PU wheels wheel rotation, make each fixed base PU wheels off the ground, to ensure that all mobile wheel on the ground, at this time would be convenient mobile device to the desired location

2.After moving the box body to the desired position, it will lower the lifting rotary table in the counterclockwise direction and raise the moving roller to make the fixed base contact with the ground so that the box body is basically fixed.

3.The level of the box body is measured with a horizontal instrument. The height of each part of the box can be adjusted by lifting the rotary table, and the rotation of each part can be stopped after adjusting to the appropriate position to ensure the equipment is in a horizontal state.

Through the practical application of the PU wheel, forming principle, processing and installation can see PU wheel to receive many users are able to love is not about to go, but do have a unique charm to conquer you. PU wheel belongs to the tip of the iceberg in the industrial casters, there are more different materials, the application of industrial casters, its performance will not worse than the PU wheel, the formation of these casters industrial truckle to great importance to it.