A Survey Of The Development Of Industrial Caster Wheel

The excessive or too tight of Industrial Caster Wheel is another factor in the damage of wheels, replacing broken wheels / casters to avoid unstable rotation. After checking and replacing the wheels, be sure to tighten the wheel with the locking washer and nut. Because the axle loose will cause the wheel and the bracket friction and stuck. Replacement of wheels and bearings should be provided to avoid loss of production. Casters - if the activity is too loose, be replaced immediately. Such as casters center rivets are nuts fixed to ensure that the lock is firm. If the activity can not turn freely, check the ball for corrosion or dirt. If fitted with a fixed casters, to ensure that the casters bracket without bending phenomenon. There is to overload, maintenance of the user on the Industrial Caster Wheel equipment, proper maintenance and operation of the responsibility. To avoid improper use or equipment. Heavy special to light on the car. Rough road running on high speed or heavy objects will cause the wheels or equipment to damage.

Therefore, please check the Industrial Caster Wheel regularly: bracket and fasteners to loose the axle and nut tight and check the weld or support plate is damaged. Overload or impact can cause the bracket to twist. And the twisted stent makes the reloading pressure on the individual wheels and cause the wheels to be damaged prematurely. If it is a plunger casters, tighten the nut or tighten the rivet and ensure that the device mounting bracket is not bent and the plunger is installed correctly. When installing the casters, use a lock nut or lock pad.

The expansion of the plunger Industrial Caster Wheel to ensure that the plunger firmly installed in the casing. Lubrication --- Regularly add lubricating oil, wheels and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Apply grease to the wheel, seal and roller bearing friction parts, can reduce the friction and make the rotation more flexible. Under normal circumstances every six months to conduct a lubrication. The car should be lubricated after the monthly cleaning. The wheels are visually inspected for wheel wear.

Wheel rotation is not smooth and fine red, rope and other debris related. Anti-covered cover can be wrapped around these debris.