Caster Installation And Use Manual

1, castor design-correct and reliable installation location.

2, TRANS-donglunzhou must always be vertical.

3, if you are only using the swivel casters, they must be the same.

4, casters feature cannot be changed, is not subject to influence of installation.

5, fixed castors must be on the axle in a straight line.

6, install the caster bracket must have sufficient strength, material must be reliable.

7, fixed casters casters used in conjunction with the activity, then all the casters must be compatible with each other, and are subject to the manufacturer's recommended use.

Casters make moving objects more productive, fixed castors castors and activities is used to make objects move to get a qualitative leap not only makes it easy to carry, can be moved in any direction, thus greatly increasing the efficiency, which is extended on the ancient wisdom, let caster products now and in the future to show more good performance.