Castration Of The Medical Caster Wheel

Medical Caster Wheel: multi-purpose multi-purpose, simple operation, mobile light, not only can move, but also can adjust the level, merger shock function, electronic equipment, test equipment, semiconductor equipment, packaging equipment and other precision instruments and equipment ideal The

1, high speed driving. Damping wheel with double tapered roller bearings in the high-speed traction process to better prevent the wheel shaking, greatly reducing the noise for the production workshop to provide a quiet production environment.

2, easy to start. Damping wheel with high-quality core package polyurethane round, with good toughness and wear resistance.

3, sealed dust and anti-wrap performance. The shock absorber wheel is completely sealed, with good dust and anti-entanglement to suit different options and requirements.

4, shock performance. Damping wheel selection of high-quality impact-resistant seismic spring, the use of large track diameter beads, and the bottom plate, the upper and lower beads through the heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of the beads, beads more flexible and easy rotation, greatly improve the force Performance, to avoid the wheels in the bump on the ground by the vibration and damage.

The above description is the Medical Caster Wheel shock absorption.

Medical Caster Wheel turn flexibility

High-precision ball bearing operation is particularly smooth and flexible, especially for high-end equipment and quiet environment; high-quality DuPont engineering plastics manufacturing Teer Ling bearings widely adapt to a variety of corrosive media; carefully produced needle roller bearings under pressure still easy In order to protect the beautiful floor, please use soft rubber, polyurethane and super artificial rubber tire; in order to avoid the ugly wheel print on the ground, please choose a special gray rubber wheel, polyurethane wheel, super Artificial rubber wheels and other wheelless wheels ...