Causes Of Burner Of Industrial Caster Wheel Bearing And Its Solution

Causes of Burner of Industrial Caster Wheel Bearing and Its Solution. Recently, users have reflected the use of casters in the use of a period of time after the issue of bearing burns. The so-called bearing burns refers to the bearing raceway wheel, rolling body and cage in the rotation of the rapid heat until the discoloration, softening, welding and damage. Bearing for the casters for the significance of its degree of burns on the life of the casters have a direct impact, if you want to keep the good use of casters, the majority of users in the use of casters in the process must pay attention to the protection of the bearing.

I summed up the Secretary for several possible causes of bearing burns, and put forward the treatment, hoping to help our customers. Caster

Resulting in possible causes of casters bearing burns

1. Overload (overpressure)

2. The clearance is too small

3. Running speed is too large

4. Shaft, bearing box of poor accuracy, shaft deflection

5. Poor lubrication of the bearing, may use an improper lubricant, too much or too little lubricant is not correct

Industrial foot wheel load is an important reference standard. Industrial Caster Wheel should always run stably on the ground. However, it is almost a purely theoretical state. On a seemingly uneven surface, or when crossing the threshold, track, and pits, the Industrial Caster Wheel will leave the ground briefly. So, when they are suddenly overloaded or when only 3 of the four Industrial Caster Wheel touch the ground, the caster must carry the entire load. This must be taken into account when calculating the load. Therefore, the following formula provides the necessary safety margin: the device's weight plus load divided by 3.

All given loads are determined according to the EN (European Standard) 12526 to 12533 standard applicable to the dynamic load. In addition, our home page lists all product metrics and information that can withstand static loads.