Development Of Furniture Casters

Casters first appeared in Europe, 17th century century, the United Kingdom has been specializing in the production of furniture casters of the manufacturing industry, initially, furniture castors is made of hardwood, the late 18th century, start made with brass, and later to use cast iron, in recent decades, wide range of alloy and plastic materials started being used to make castors.

To currently weizhi, furniture casters of using has is common, today has more than is in home saw casters in Office among you also will in many Chair Shang see casters, people why will increasingly like with casters of seat, most main of reasons is mobile up is of convenient, Office in the often will need took various of things, actually all table Zhijian of distance is very of near of, only need you slightly mobile are can got, now with casters of Chair completely can meet people of this a needs.