How To Choose The Right Medical Caster Wheel

Medical Caster Wheel as a special branch of the casters, has its particularity, in order to meet the requirements of the hospital to run light, flexible, flexible, special ultra-quiet, wear, anti-winding and chemical resistance and other characteristics, and specifically derived from the special Casters. Mainly divided into light casters (chrome-plated stent round plug neoprene rubber wheel, chrome-plated bracket hollow core rivet neoprene rubber) metal stent type casters (screw type, hollow core rivet type), STO class plastic stent casters / Fixed type, screw type, screw stainless steel type, plunger type) CPT medical double wheel casters (economic screw type, screw type, activities / fixed type, plunger type) and the control casters and medical double brake Casters, able to meet all aspects of medical environment requirements.

Choose the casters that suit your needs. Please refer to the following specific criteria:

1. Power load: We strongly recommend that your casters single wheel load design standard is based on the total load of mobile equipment and equipment 1/3 (according to each device 4 casters configuration design)

2. Medical Caster Wheel and tire material configuration:

A. Single-wheel structure is flexible, starting and rotating force is small, but if you need to get high load capacity, high stability will have to choose two-wheel design.

B. In general, larger diameter casters are easier to scroll and control than smaller wheels.

C. hard ground is best to use soft material tread, and soft ground or carpet on the use of hard materials recommended tread.

D. Medical Caster Wheel bracket rotation of the different structure of the impact of the larger equipment, in general, the ball bearing rotation structure is more flexible, quiet, suitable for low load, often moving equipment used. And double beads to suppress the structure of the load is relatively large, the use of good stability, suitable for less mobile medical equipment.

E. The use of Medical Caster Wheel environment is also a key factor to consider, most of the casters are using steel brackets, galvanized or chrome-plated anti-rust treatment, we believe that the use of corrosive environment, plastic or plastic cover type of Medical Caster Wheel A better choice. Crown Corrugator Common use of materials, anti-corrosion characteristics see table.

3. To ensure the best use of Medical Caster Wheel, select the Medical Caster Wheel to give full consideration to your equipment and casters installed the particularity.