How To Do Rusty Industrial Caster Wheel

The same are Industrial Caster Wheel, and some casters will not be used for a long time rust, and some casters bought back to use a few days to rust, and can not be used. How is this going on? In fact, most of the casters will rust, and most of its use of the environment. The following by the Wanda Industrial Caster Wheel to introduce the relevant knowledge under it

A large number of research data show that water and oxygen are the main causes of industrial caster rust. Humid environment, the water volatile in the air with the appearance of Industrial Caster Wheel chemical reaction, the formation of a layer of oxide film, commonly known as caster rust. Casters rust brown, small density, large volume, easy to fall off. If not dealt with in a timely manner, the entire Industrial Caster Wheel are likely to rust, into a crisp.

So, since you know the reasons for the rusty Industrial Caster Wheel, then what should be done to avoid such a situation? Wanda believes that the casters are best used in dry places and kept. If you can not change the environment because of environmental problems, you can brush on the appearance of the Industrial Caster Wheel. Paint can play a role in the isolation of air and water, effectively prevent the casters are oxidized. Copyright by:

In addition, for those who have rusty Industrial Caster Wheel, but also timely maintenance. It is best to wipe with a paper towel and then placed in a dry place for some time, then brush on the paint and then put into use.

How about industrial caster rust? Wanda introduced rust knowledge here is over, thank you for your attention.