Industrial Caster Wheel Rust And What Factors Related

The same is the Industrial Caster Wheel products, some very easy to rust, and some are difficult to rust. The casters placed in the wet place are easy to rust, the casters placed in a dry place is not very easy to rust; exposed in the air of the casters is easy to rust, painted casters casters are not easy Rusty. Is the Industrial Caster Wheel rusting related to those factors?

Dongguan Wo up casters through years of production and sales experience of casters concluded that the caster rust is because the water and oxygen is the cause of the casters easy to rust. Light and water will not make the caster rust, only when the air dissolved in water, oxygen in the water environment with the caster chemical reaction, will produce a thing called oxidized casters, which is the foot wheel rust The Industrial Caster Wheel rust is a brown red material, it is not as hard as the casters, it is easy to fall off. After a casator is completely rusted, the volume can be increased by 8 times. If the caster rust does not remove, this sponge-like caster rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, casters also rust faster.

In many places will be used in Industrial Caster Wheel, such as carts, scaffolding, medical casters, factories, workshops and so many different places will be applied to Industrial Caster Wheel, but different places should choose the casters will be different, Industry to buy Industrial Caster Wheel to pay attention to what the problem?

1, the load to determine the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, but also affect the rotation of Industrial Caster Wheel, so the choice of Industrial Caster Wheel should know their own industry should use the weight of the number of wheels to buy.

2, the use of site conditions Select a large enough to adapt to the scene of the cracks, but also consider the use of the size of the road, obstacles and other factors. Such as catering industry corridor relatively small wheels will also affect the cart operation.

3, the special environment of each round to adapt to different working conditions, choose the best to adapt to the special environment. For example, some of the workshop to use the casters to heat and cold.

4, turn the flexibility of the wheel the greater the rotation the more effort, the ball bearing can carry a heavier load, the ball bearing rotation more flexible but carrying lighter.

So when the choice of Industrial Caster Wheel must pay attention to these aspects and then to buy their own suitable Industrial Caster Wheel.