Industrial Caster Wheel Surface Treatment And Its Characteristics

Used Industrial Caster Wheel friends we all know that all kinds of Industrial Caster Wheel have been treated through the surface; whether you are fixed casters or universal casters stent, casters manufacturers why do stent surface treatment? This is mainly because the stent is made of iron or steel stamping, and in our daily use, due to iron or steel easily oxidize with oxygen so that the entire stent rust, affecting the surface and normal use, which is why so much Casters manufacturers have to casters bracket surface treatment.

Cushioning Industrial Caster Wheel

The Industrial Caster Wheel have a lot of surface treatment, we usually see is galvanized, because it is suitable and low cost, so we also have a soft spot; then what are the casters bracket surface treatment? And these casters bracket surface treatment characteristics and what is the difference?

Caster surface treatment

Whether the Industrial Caster Wheel are galvanized, sprayed, color plated or electrophoretic, these surface treatments are designed to prevent the casters from being corroded. And their surface treatment in different ways, their characteristics are different, so the final effect will be different, so we choose what kind of caster surface treatment, should be based on the need to choose a different surface treatment.