Introduction Of Riveting Technology For Industrial Caster Wheel

The actual installation of Industrial Caster Wheel be involved in the application of riveting steps, riveting technology is related to the safe use of follow-up casters, so that the caster factory will be in the following for a detailed description of what is the Industrial Caster Wheel riveting technology.

1, Industrial Caster Wheel riveting method so that the deformation of rivets follow the natural flow of metal, will not reduce the material impact toughness and ductility, reducing the rivet pier around the tangential tensile stress is too high, riveting material without broken fiber Flow, can improve the carrying capacity of rivets. Will be swinging cold casters riveting and traditional hammering, stamping casters riveting test pieces to do after the destructive test, cold grinding casters riveting method generated by the joint strength is about 80% higher than the traditional casters riveting. Cold rivet rivets rivets almost no bending, drum belly, pier and other deformation of the phenomenon. At the same time with the rivets connected parts without deformation. And with hammering, stamping casters riveting, because the case pressure, the impact of bloom, the above-mentioned defects are more obvious.

2, Industrial Caster Wheel riveting rivets in the rivets for pure rolling without sliding, rivet after forming the surface roughness depends only on the riveting head, and rivet head surface roughness is easy to guarantee, and thus the use of cold grinding casters riveting rivet surface smooth and beautiful Is the other casters riveting method can not match.

3, the use of cold grinding casters riveting casters riveting almost no noise (less than 70db), no vibration. While the traditional hammering, stamping casters riveting the way more than 90db noise.

4, Industrial Caster Wheel riveting machine easy to operate safe. Punching riveting often rushed to the fingers and other vicious accidents, artificial hammer riveting accidental injury also occurred, and grind rivets relatively safe. Although the spindle rotation, but there are viable safety cover, rivet head and workpiece contact surface is small.

5, the use of cold grinding casters riveting machine, because the rivet material has a particularly good deformation performance, riveting bar will not appear quality problems, high life, at the same time, as long as the change in the shape of rivets, casters can be riveting a variety of shapes.