Medical Caster Wheel Load Capacity

In order to be able to calculate the load capacity required for various casters, it is necessary to know the weight of the transport equipment, the maximum load and the number of single wheels and casters used.

Medical Caster Wheel to meet the requirements of the hospital to run light, flexible, flexible, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti-winding and chemical resistance and other characteristics, dedicated casters.

Medical Caster Wheel Mainly divided into light casters (chrome-plated stent round plug neoprene rubber wheel, chrome-plated bracket hollow core rivet neoprene rubber) metal stent type casters (screw type, hollow core rivet type), STO class plastic stent casters / Fixed type, screw type, screw stainless steel type, plunger type) CPT medical double wheel casters (economic screw type, screw type, activities / fixed type, plunger type) and the control casters and medical double brake Casters, able to meet all aspects of medical environment requirements. First consider the use of the size of the road, obstacles, the use of the site of residual substances (such as iron, grease), the environmental conditions (such as high temperature, room temperature or low temperature) and the weight of the wheel can carry different conditions to choose the appropriate Wheel material. For example: rubber wheels can not be acid, grease and chemicals, super polyurethane wheels, high strength polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, steel wheels and high temperature wheels can be applied to different special circumstances.

Medical Caster Wheel The material of the casters

Nitrile rubber rubber tire (NBR), nitrile rubber, natural rubber rubber tire, silicone rubber rubber tire, neoprene rubber tire, butyl rubber rubber wheel, silicone rubber (SILICOME), EPDM rubber tire EPDM), Viton rubber tire (VITON), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), polyurethane rubber wheel, rubber and plastic, PU rubber wheel, polytetrafluoroethylene rubber wheel (PTFE processing parts), nylon gear, Wheel, PEEK rubber wheel, PA66 gear, POM rubber wheel, engineering plastic parts (such as high-strength performance PPS tube, PEEK tube, etc.). There are graphite, ceramics and so on.