On The Development Of Industrial Caster Wheel In China

Casters are mainly used for factory or mechanical equipment, the overall has a high impact resistance and strength.

With the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of people's quality of life, the market for microwave food, snack foods and frozen food and other convenient food demand continues to increase, directly led to the development of the relevant food packaging industry, the domestic food and casters production industry In a long time to maintain positive growth, casters, Industrial Caster Wheel also directly led to the development of the national economic growth. According to statistics in 2010, the domestic food and casters industry's total output value reached 130 billion yuan, while the market demand reached 200 billion yuan.

According to the China Wanxiang Lun and Industrial Caster Wheel Industry Association statistics, in 2006 the domestic food and packaging casters industry sales, sales in 2005, 67.37 billion yuan on the basis of an increase of 22.96% to 82.838 billion yuan, the growth rate of In recent years, a new high.

Casters safety is a major issue related to the people's livelihood, and this closely related casters, the importance of the production of Industrial Caster Wheel will no doubt. Behind the supply of 1.3 billion people in China's food supplies, it is a huge casters production market.

Consumers' demands for food and their packaging are increasing. Among them, a high degree of security occupies a primacy. Therefore, Wanda reminded the majority of the casters industry need to attach great importance to and vigorously develop casters, Industrial Caster Wheel production, to minimize the casters operating errors, to avoid unqualified products.

The development of casters in the community more and more widely, Wanda will be in the future development of attention to increase the design of the casters, broaden the scope of the application of casters, so that everyone's life becomes more secure and convenient.