The Characteristics And Requirements Of Industrial Caster Wheel

Industrial Caster Wheel single variety of rounds, in size, model, tires and other different. Select the appropriate wheels to take the following conditions:

A Use the site environment.

B product of the load.

C work environment contains chemicals, blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances.

D all kinds of special weather, such as humidity, high temperature or cold E impact, collision and driving quiet requirements.

Industrial Caster Wheel mainly refers to a kind of casters for mechanical equipment or factories, it can use super polyurethane, advanced reinforced nylon (PA6), rubber made of a single wheel, the whole product needs a high strength and impact resistance, Usually heavy and super heavy casters. Industrial Caster Wheel metal stent construction is the use of high-quality galvanized steel or chrome-plated steel plate, the internal injection molding method with a single installation of precision ball bearings. Can be used 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm steel plate to do the bracket.

The characteristics and requirements of Industrial Caster Wheel

Need to design the different Industrial Caster Wheel according to the size of the user environment bearing capacity.

Optional ball bearings and roller bearings two bearings.

Need to use the user different use of the appropriate material and the width of the load wheel.

In general, Industrial Caster Wheel can be used in various industrial environments in workshops, factories, shopping malls and restaurants.

The use of high-pressure punch production of casters, a stamping, for 200 to 500kg load carrying capacity of the goods from the distance handling.