The Difference Between Electroplating And Electrophoresis

The difference between electroplating and electrophoresis

Electroplating is the coating of metal particles on the surface of the product. Electrophoresis is a plastic particle

The difference between spray paint and baking paint

The paint is coated with a protective coating. Spray paint not necessarily spray paint, it may be powder

Electroplating can be divided into metal and non - metal

Non-metal must be electroplated grade material, the product surface generally must be three layers -- the first layer is copper plated, the second layer is nickel and the outer layer is chromium; The metal can be seen with zinc plating and so on . As for the electrical pulse, it is a metal surface . The last of the lacquer that bake and spray paint, spraying, should be spray paint containing the lacquer that bake with spray paint, as for the general use of the lacquer that bake occasion and determining the characteristics of paint, some of the paint is no need to bake, such as the painting, fast-drying paint, but most of the industry is to be the lacquer that bake.

What is chromium plating

Chromium plating increases surface smoothness

Chromium plating increases the corrosion resistance of the shaft surface

Chromium plating increases the abrasion resistance of shaft surface

What is galvanizing

The metal surface is galvanized, mainly for anticorrosion

Zinc metal is a very lively, very easy to oxidation, but zinc oxide is not loose like iron oxide powder, but a dense layer of surface layer, the layer of zinc oxide prevents internal zinc further oxidation

When galvanized steel surface damage, revealing the internal surface of the iron, because of the zinc more lively than iron, so according to the principle of chemical batteries, zinc will be ahead of iron oxide, thus protecting the iron layer will not damage. The combination of these two is the protection of galvanized steel plate