The Importance Of Choosing The Right Casters

According to the international standards industrial casters, caster parts Description:

1, caster definition: wheel mounting bracket with eccentricity. The bracket freely around the vertical axis rotation

2, cast wheels in accordance with installation, divided into flat type, screw and bolt.

3, caster brakes: brake one-way brake wheel and bi-directional wheel. One-way brake castors with stop device for wheels, as they are commonly known as single brake wheel two-way braking casters can both stop wheels and suppression of caster changes direction devices, namely oral said that the brake two wheels.

4, basic types of caster and code: w (that is, universal wheel model number begins with the letter w)

Different environments have different requirements: factory with industrial casters are different from firms with industrial casters, tools, vehicles differ from hospital beds used in industrial casters light duty industrial casters, shopping carts with industrial casters must completely different from those used to transport heavy load in those factories industrial casters.