TPR Caster And TPR Caster Performance Feature

TPR caster / Artificial lugs

JIANGQING caster specializing in the production of TPR castor, normal production and export of light TPR castor, medium-sized TPR castor, mainly for the medical industry, electronics industry, electrical equipment industry, shopping carts, high-grade trolley.

TPR caster VRay

TPR is Thermoplastic Elastomer (PE) , also called Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) , it is a kind of rubber and thermoplastic properties ,Can be like thermoplastic plastic that fast, effective, economical processing rubber products. So thermoplastic elastomer is a kind of plastic for processing , In nature, it is a kind of rubber. Thermally plastic elastomers have many advantages over thermosetting rubber. At present, thermoplastic elastomers have no uniform name, and the TPR is used to describe thermoplastic rubber. There are also some factories called artificial rubber casters.

TPR caster merit

Excellent physical properties: good appearance, gentle touch, easy coloring, uniform tone, stable;

Excellent chemical performance: resistant to general chemicals (water, acid, alkali, alcohols), can be immersed in solvent or oil in the short term

Hardness range is wide, hardness is between 60a-90a range

Run quiet, noiseless noise, can achieve mute effect

Excellent uv and ozone resistance

Excellent damping effect, good contractibility

The tensile strength is excellent, the tensile strength can reach up to a dozen Mpa, the fracture elongation can be up to ten times higher; Good electrical insulation and voltage resistance

Leaving no trace on the floor, it is not like the rubber wheel will have sulfur and carbon black precipitation

It can be used in various kinds of harsh and extreme environments

Good heat resistance performance, allowing the use for a long time between - 50 ~ 115 ℃ temperature range, good low temperature performance

High load (100-500kg), high abrasion resistance, high rebound C70%

With excellent adhesion of other plastics, it can be mixed with PP, ABS and other plastics to make special plastic alloy

Excellent safety and health performance, the product also has the non-toxic, pollution-free and recyclable secondary processing environmental advantages

TPR caster Widely used in various industries

TPR caster It is widely used in medical industry, electronic industry, electrical equipment industry, supermarket shopping cart, high-grade trolley

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