Use The Precautions To Adjust The Medium Sized Caster

One, use

The purpose of the Medium Sized Caster is to facilitate the handling, such as for indoor, buildings need to be engaged in handling a variety of equipment and various types of handling machines above, is the staff of the reinforcement, please observe the following principles: the choice of Medium Sized Caster to use according to their Way and condition, proper use, proper installation.

Second, the use and use of Medium Sized Caster

When using the Medium Sized Caster, it is desirable to consider the use of the features, the required functions, the conditions of use (scope of use), and then select the appropriate type, please note the following:

1, the use of conditions

According to the specific installation of the Medium Sized Caster of the various equipment to determine the wheel diameter of the Medium Sized Caster, its material, installation (such as board-mounted, and screw-type, etc.) and the use of Medium Sized Caster type (such as flexible rotation, fixed, can stop Type, etc.). In short, according to the existing Medium Sized Caster or optional variety of types, fully weighed and then choose the most appropriate.

2, on the Medium Sized Caster of the brakes

Due to long-term use will occur Medium Sized Caster friction, resulting in lower Medium Sized Caster, hope to keep abreast of.

Under normal circumstances, hard Medium Sized Caster (nylon, resin, etc.) in the use of a period of time, its cut-off effect will be reduced.

On the cut, please press the product in the safety requirements, or the provisions of the special needs of the use of other ways to stop (such as caster, ground slip, etc.).

3, the use of Medium Sized Caster environmental conditions

General use of the Medium Sized Caster of the use of the environment are set at room temperature in the indoor environment, so try to avoid the use of special circumstances, such as: high temperature, low temperature, multi-temperature, acidity, alkalinity, salt, Solvent, oil, or seawater and liquid places directly contact the Medium Sized Caster, and even reduce the caster effect.

Not to use, to be a variety of different situations, with other reliable measures, such as metal equipment, materials, Medium Sized Caster, materials, lubricants, etc. to be a comprehensive trade-off, and to take into account some of the material will cause pollution on the ground.