What Is A Caster With Brake ,braking Action

What is a brake pedal?

When the caster is in a static state, the object of the work needs to be located, and the auxiliary locking part for the caster is the brake of the caster. Install the caster with the brakes, i.e. the brake pedal.

The action of the caster brakes

The action of the pedal brake is that when the caster is in a state of rest, the object of the work needs to be positioned, and the auxiliary component (i.e. the brake of the caster) is installed to lock the caster. It is worth noting that the braking of the caster is generally applied to the working environment without gradient, specially requiring the design of the wheel brakes, please consult the manufacturer.

Classification of brake casters

Different working conditions require different braking design for the casters. Wanda round caster manufacturing co., LTD., according to the customer's requirements, design, development and batch production of about 300 kinds of belt brake casters, including directional braking casters, wanxiang side brake casters, all brake casters, direction of rotation braking casters, and so on, are widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research and national defense and other fields.