What Is The Shock Absorber Industrial Caster Wheel

Damping Industrial Caster Wheel are mainly used in the automotive industry, the general requirements of Industrial Caster Wheel have good rotation performance and performance. Divided into American shock absorber casters and European shock absorber casters.

Good shock absorption performance

● Industrial Caster Wheel shock absorber wheel structure design is reasonable, the use of excellent shock resistant shock spring, to avoid the wheels in the bump on the ground when working due to vibration and damage.

● Industrial Caster Wheel with large track diameter beads, and the bottom plate, the upper and lower beads through the carbonitriding heat treatment, can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of the beads, so that the beads more flexible and easy rotation, greatly improving the performance.

● Industrial Caster Wheel made of high quality natural rubber made of high elastic rubber core wheel, with good toughness and wear resistance.

● high-tech polyurethane package core wheel, with anti-fouling, anti-oil, wear and high load characteristics.

Good sealed dust and anti-wrap performance

● Wheels are sealed with anti-wrap, beads with a ring, very good dust and anti-winding, to suit different environmental options and requirements.

Easy to start

● shock absorber Industrial Caster Wheel installed in the use of equipment vehicles, with a small starting power characteristics.

High-load ultra-quiet damping

Roulette with double tapered roller bearings, in the high-speed traction process to better prevent the wheel shaking, greatly reducing the noise for the production workshop to provide a quiet production environment.