What Is The Weight Of The Industrial Caster Wheel Carrying

Material used pppvcpu usually raw materials Industrial Caster Wheel can not be used directly in the production of Industrial Caster Wheel and caster used in modified plastic casters and caster wheels used in wheels. Put some changes in the performance of chemical raw materials, thus changing the physical properties of materials and chemical properties, so that when the wheels in use, more wear-resistant, Naisuan Jian, high temperature pu and other additives used is a technical thing, not a A description. How to consider the right weight of Industrial Caster Wheel The choice of Industrial Caster Wheel must first take into account the use of the site and the use of the environment, select a large enough round to adapt to the scene of the cracks. But also consider the use of the size of the road, obstacles and other factors; each round to adapt to different working conditions, choose the best to adapt to the special environment. The choice of Industrial Caster Wheel second depends on the load, the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, but also affect the rotation of Industrial Caster Wheel, ball bearings for more than 180 kg heavier load requirements.

The choice of the industry depends on the flexibility and temperature limit, the greater the wheel rotation, the ball bearing can carry a heavier load, the ball bearing rotation is more flexible but carrying lighter; cold and heat on many wheels are possible Causing trouble, casters, if the use of special green grease, can make casters for -40 ° C165 ° C high temperature. Materials and core bonding where the use of some adhesive, so the wheels are not easy to degumming, the production process and curing time should control the temperature, and cooling time. The wheels of this production are both beautiful and durable.