Why Is This Phenomenon Of Casters?

The same is the Industrial Caster Wheel products, some very easy to rust, and some are difficult to rust. The Industrial Caster Wheels placed in the wet place are easy to rust, casters placed in a dry place is not very easy to rust; exposed in the air of the casters is easy to rust, painted casters casters are not easy Rusty.

What are the factors in the caster rust?

Through the experiment we found: water and oxygen is the cause of the casters easy to rust. Light and water will not make the caster rust, only when the air dissolved in water, oxygen in the water environment with the Industrial Caster Wheel of the chemical reaction, will generate a thing called oxidized casters, which is the foot wheel rust The Industrial Caster Wheel rust is a brown red material, it is not as hard as the Industrial Caster Wheel, it is easy to fall off. After a casator is completely rusted, the volume can be increased by 8 times. If the caster rust does not remove, this sponge-like caster rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, casters also rust faster.

Know the caster rusty secret, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of Industrial Caster Wheel rust. The caster in a damp place is more rusty than a dry caster, because the caster in a wet place is more accessible to the water than a dry place caster. The painted castor products are not easy to rust because the paint played a role in the isolation of air and water. And if you want to reduce the rust of the casters, you can start from the experimental conclusion, any one of the conditions can be cut off rust.

If the above paint, then cut off the Industrial Caster Wheel and air contact. And some casters such as kitchen knife and other wipes dry and placed in a dry place, you can cut off the casters and water contact, so as to prevent the caster products rust.